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Each year ACR honors individuals for their contribution to the Conflict Resolution Field.  The award presentations take place during the Annual Conference.  ACR will present the following awards during the 2017 Annual Conference.  

Mary Parker Follett Award 2017

With great pleasure, we are honored to recognize the distinguished work of Daniel Rainey for the annual Mary Parker Follett Award. Daniel Rainey is a well-respected educator and practitioner in the field of dispute resolution. He is also known for his dedication and
innovative work in the advancement of the online dispute resolution (ODR) field. The Mary Parker Follett Award is presented to conflict
resolution practitioners who have shown great passion and willingness to take risks in tackling a contemporary problem or opportunity in the field of dispute resolution by introducing innovative and experimental techniques that draw upon the talents and ideas of all persons involved. Mary Parker Follett (1868-1933) was an early advocate of resolving conflict by encouraging parties to integrate interests into negotiations. Her lectures were synthesized and later published posthumously in the influential book Dynamic Administration.

Past Recipients:

  •          2016: Lorig Charkoudian, PhD, Executive Director, Community Mediation Maryland
  •          2015: Jerome Barrett 
  •          2014: Floyd D. Weatherspoon 
  •          2013: Colin Rule
  •          2012: Tammy Lenski
  •          2011: Kirsten Bailey Atkinson
  •          2010: Ethan Katsh
  •          2009: Janet Rifkin
  •          2008: No Honoree
  •          2007: No Honoree
  •          2006: Gail Bingham, President of RESOLVE
  •          2005: John R. Helie, founder of ConflictNet and Mediate.com
  •          2004: No Honoree
  •          2003: Chris Carlson, Executive Director, Policy Consensus Initiative
  •          2002: No Honoree
  •          2001: Rachel Wohl, Executive Director, Maryland Mediation and Conflict Resolution Organization

Dr. Julie Macfarlane

​The 2017 Haynes Distinguished Mediator Award

The 2017 Haynes Distinguished Mediator Award recipient is Dr. Julie Macfarlane. The renown Professor of Law at Faculty of Law, University of Windsor completed a major qualitative study of self-represented litigants in family and civil courts in three Canadian provinces. The study methodology has been replicated by the Institute for the advancement of the American Legal System (IAAL) in four US states (report forthcoming, 2016).  Dr. Macfarlane throughout her distinguished career has demonstrated outstanding skills and competence as an internationally renowned teacher of Conflict Resolution, a researcher, author and advocate of systemic reform for the most vulnerable clients experiencing separation.

The John M. Haynes Distinguished Mediator Award is presented annually to a prominent and internationally recognized leader in mediation who demonstrates personal and professional commitment to finding mediation solutions to conflict while balancing therapeutic and legal perspectives. John M. Haynes was a pioneer in the field of family mediation, a respected author and practitioner, an international trainer, and the first president of the Academy of Family Mediators.

Dr. Terry J. Flowers

​Marvin E. Johnson Diversity & Equity Award

The award recipient is selected by a special committee. The award is presented to an individual or an organization that exemplifies compassionate and dedicated leadership,  demonstrated a long-standing commitment, remarkable contribution, or extraordinary achievement that has removed barriers to enhance diversity and equity within an area of society. Dr. Terry J. Flowers is this year’s recipient of the Marvin E. Johnson Diversity & Equity Award. Dr. Flower’s humble beginnings as a kid growing up on Chicago’s South Side helped to pave the foundation for his lifelong work, expanding 30 years, helping inner-city children overcome adversity to attain an education. Dr. Flower’s fundamental belief in a holistic approach to address the erosion of inner-city neighborhoods and his life’s calling to work with young, underprivileged children led him to St. Phillips’ School & Community Center where he successfully transformed the struggling, inner-city Episcopal school to an outstanding private school and beacon of hope for the South Dallas community. 

Past Recipients:
·         2016 – Sandra S.Yamate for her work with the Institute for Inclusion in the Legal Profession
·         2015 – Peacebuilders International (Canada) for their work with young people using restorative circles 
·         2014- Tim Wise for his anti-race work. 
·         2013 –  Awarded Posthumously to Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens
·         2012 – Chief Judge Robert M. Bell, for his diversity efforts in a number of areas in the state of Maryland and commitment to ADR
·         2011 – Navajo Elder James Peshlakai, for dedicating his life to the preservation of the Navajo culture
·         2010 – Susan Collins Marks and John Marks were honored for the international peacemaking work they do through Search for
                          Common Ground.
·         2009 – Nelson and Joyce Johnson, the leaders of the work to create the first US Truth Commission in Greensboro, N.C.
·         2008 – The Rev. Mpho A Tutu, Executive Director of the Tutu Institute for Prayer and Pilgrimage., for her ministries for children in
​                           Massachusetts, for rape survivors in South Africa and for refugees. She earned her MDiv from Episcopal Divinity School in
                           Cambridge, MA.

Kirk EmersonTina Nabatchi

Sharon M. Pickett 2017 Award

Kirk Emerson and Tina Nabatchi are the 2017 recipients of the Sharon M. Pickett Award. This award recognizes contributions to environmental and public policy issues. Both educators have done extensive research for their book, Collaborative Governance Regimes, published by Georgetown University Press in 2015. In it, Kirk Emerson and Tina Nabatchi offer collaborative governance practitioners, researchers, teachers, and trainers a new way of thinking about and describing the “practice, structures, and circumstance of public policy decision making that engage people constructively across sectors to carry out a public purpose” [Emerson & Nabatchi]. 

The significant contribution that this book makes to the field is the formulation of an integrated framework for collaborative governance that is both comprehensive in scope and intuitive in its presentation. Their careful and thorough integration of the process and practice of principled engagement within the larger system context in which it takes place provides students as well as seasoned practitioners an easy grasp of the totality of participatory decision-making in matters of public policy. It is the systematic application of this framework in public policy decision making – strikingly varied and contingent in its approaches and practice – that they call “Collaborative Governance Regimes.”

Professor Joseph P. FolgerProfessor Robert A. Baruch Bush

​William Kreidler Award for Distinguished Service to the field of Conflict Resolution

The Association for Conflict Resolution’s Section for Education, Research, and Training is deeply honored to recognize Professor Joseph P. Folger and Professor Robert A. Baruch Bush for this year’s Kreidler Award. The Kreidler Award is awarded annually in recognition of the most distinguished practitioners in the field of conflict resolution.

This annual recognition is awarded as a reflection of Dr. Kreidler’s dedication to teaching and writing in the field of conflict solutions and management.  This year, all of us who have valued the application of transformative skills, applaud the numerous contributions of Professor Folger and Professor Bush, as giants in the field of mediation for their authorship, teaching, and sense of responsibility to the practical education of an industry.

Professor Folger and Professor Bush’s book The Promise of Mediation has been deeply influential in shaping and informing the practice of mediation.  Their theoretical approach to mediation has been comprehensively and scientifically studied, favorably noted, and applauded by federal, city, and county agencies as the best practice in mediation for over twenty-five years. It is not often that theorists impact an industry, especially one such as mediation, with such a sustainable and profound set of skills that stand the test of time. Professor Folger and Professor Bush are true leaders, pioneers, and visionaries in the practice of mediation.

The 2016 Honorees were:
The Mary Parker Follet Award- Lorig Chardoudian
The John Haynes Distinguished Mediator Award – Delma Sweeney
The Marvin E. Johnson Diversity & Equity Award – Sandra S. Yamate
The Sharon Pickett Award – Gerald Cormick
The Peacemaker Award – Marc Gopin
The International Outstanding Leadership Award – Mediators Beyond Borders International (MBBI)